Truro BID

Coronavirus Information for businesses and employees 

Update on 17 June

On Monday 14 June the government announced that step 3 restrictions will remain in place for another 4 weeks. It is expected that England will move to Step 4 on 19 July, though the data will be reviewed after 2 weeks in case the risks have reduced. 

Road Closures to Support Covid-19 restrictions

The Truro Partnership (Truro City Council, Visit Truro and Truro BID), along with Cornwall Council, reinstated the temporary road closures to support social distancing on 12 April. To provide the best experience for the customer, Truro’s main shopping streets will be traffic-free Monday through to Sunday, 11am to 3pm. Now that step 3 restrictions remain in place, Road closures will be in place until Sunday 18 July.

Marshalls, funded by Truro City Council and Truro BID, will also remain in place to support the restrictions. For details on traffic management plans from Monday 19 July see the Healthy Streets page

Business Support Grants

At the start of Lockdown 3.0 the Chancellor announced that businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000. We've been signposting businesses to all grant information via Facebook, in our weekly e-newsletter, as well as answering queries. Up to date information, including the 'Restart Grants' to support businesses reopening and available from 1 April, are detailed on Cornwall Council's webpage:

Our other activities during Lockdown 3.0 and the reopening phase in April include:

Business Support

  • Responding to queries and signposting businesses to information about business support grants.
  • Directing businesses to free webinars to help businesses operate safely during COVID-19 organised by Cornwall Council's Business Regulatory Support service. 
  • Continuing to represent the interest of the business community via the Truro Towns Fund.


  • Continuing to work with Visit Truro to promote businesses trading during lockdown 3.0, as well as using our public facing social media sites to promote those businesses (Truro Supersavers and Truro Trend).
  • Signposting Independent Businesses to Pirate FM's webpage Its My Local Market which promotes Cornwall's independent businesses trading online.
  • Investigating a Gift Card scheme for Truro that it would lock money in locally as it could only be used in Truro businesses that participate. To find out more email:
  • Responding to media queries.


  • Starting to plan Christmas by working with Visit Truro and Truro City Council and asking businesses their views via a survey.
  • Planning a series of Truro Antiques and Collectables Markets from June.
  • Planning Children’s Day on Saturday 26 June. To take part in Children’s Day (e.g., with an instore activity or offer) please email us at:
  • Looking at options to enhance the Christmas Lights offer for the City Centre in 2021 having successfully secured Accelerated Capital funding from the Truro Towns Fund.
  • Arranged for and funded a footfall counter so we can measure Truro's footfall and the success of events.
  • Working with Truro City Council on events in Truro for the Tour of Britain planned for 5 September. 
  • Attending Cultural Compact meetings. Truro has set up a Cultural Compact called Tyller A Nerth, to support the cultural experiences of people in Truro. Along with other local organisations, including the City Council and Cornwall Council, we are part of Tyller A Nerth. We have been working together to see how some of our existing projects and events can be complemented by Tyller A Nerth activities


  • Taking part in Truro Safe virtual meetings to represent the Shopwatch Group and specifically businesses open during Lockdown.
  • Representing businesses at Truro Safe meetings. Note: Shopwatch will be reinstated once Truro reopens with the next meeting held virtually on Tuesday 4 May, 10am. To attend email:
  • Along with Truro City Council requesting more support to address Anti-Social Behaviour. As a result, Truro will soon have an extra Cornwall Council Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Officer.
  • Installing colourful, rainbow bunting in the city centre which will be up until October.
  • Liaising with letting agents about opportunities to wrap empty premises.


  • As part of the Truro Partnership (with the City Council and Visit Truro) reinstating the temporary road closures and refreshing the existing social distancing signage in the city centre. 
  • Liaising with businesses to provide floor markings on the public realm to support social distancing and queuing for Truro's reopening. 

We've been supporting businesses and the wider economic recovery of Truro since Lockdown 1.0. For details see our specific pages: