Truro BID

We worked with Truro City Council and Visit Truro on an initial Truro Reopening plan to outline how we move forward once Truro City Centre starts to reopen which was published on 18 May.

Truro BID then worked closely with Truro City Council and Visit Truro, along with Cornwall Council Highways Team and Cormac, on a detailed reopening plan from Monday 15 June. 

The Totally Truro BID Board Members endorsed the plan for the City Centre which is based on creating the best environment for customers to return to the high street, whilst ensuring the Government’s 2 metre social distancing guidelines can be followed.

The plan includes temporary pedestrianisation in part of the city centre to enable shoppers to queue for shops appropriately along with to ‘keep left’ system on all streets for pedestrians. The keep left system will help keep the movement flowing as well as helping to maintain requirements for social distancing.

Truro BID, along with Truro City Council and Visit Truro, are monitoring the temporary measures and liaising with businesses to understand what is working well and what may need to be adjusted.

The details of the plan was implemented from Monday 15 June and are shown in a map (aside from River St which has reopened to traffic). 

The social distancing measures for Truro which are now in place until January are detailed as follows:

  • Temporary pedestrianisation of Boscawen Street, 11am – 3pm on Monday to Saturday, along with Pydar St, High Cross, King St, St Nicholas St, Lower Lemon St, Duke St and part of Quay St.
  • All the other City Centre streets will remain open to vehicles as usual.
  • To help maintain social distancing, all streets will have a temporary one-way, keep left pedestrian system. Signage directs pedestrians to ‘keep left’ on the footpath in the direction that they are travelling.
  • There is signage across Truro reminding everyone to keep a safe distance and keep left. 
  • At the narrow Opes and Mews, signage will advise pedestrians that the path is narrow and they should walk in single file.
During the road closures times: 
  • Buses continue to operate in Victoria Square. 
  • The Taxi rank on Boscawen Street is operating at the War Memorial and taxis can use Princes Street to pick up or drop off customers in the city centre and exit again via Princes Street.
  • Marshals are positioned at the busiest areas around the city to help people to navigate their way around Truro and help with queueing for shops where necessary.


  • We have contacted delivery companies to advice them of the road closures.
  • A joint media release from Truro City Council, Visit Truro and Truro BID was issued in June.

To implement the road closures in June we worked hard to understand the views of local businesses in a very short space of time. We appreciate that some businesses may be concerned about these temporarily measures. However we have to ensure that 2 metre social distancing guidelines can be followed to allow Truro to safely reopen and give people space to shop, eat and drink.

Businesses who wish to discuss the temporary measures to support social distancing should email