Truro BID

Offers and services for staff and colleagues of businesses within the Truro BID area

NCP Car Parking Offer

NCP are able to offer nearly 20% off with a 'Park Pass' to all businesses and employees in and around Truro.  Instead of paying £5.50, you would pay £4.50 for the day. 

For part-time staff,  you can apply through the Truro NCP office, and receive a unique code which will activate a £3.00 tariff for up to a maximum of 5hrs stay.

Using the 'Park Pass' is speedier and hassle free with automated payments. The 'Park Pass' is now available to part time staff members for all businesses in and around Truro too.

For a seasonal 'Park Pass', the cost at the NCP is: -

Monthly - £77.00

Quarterly - £192.00

Annual - £697.00

Businesses and employees can apply for the 'Park Pass' on the NCP website, there is no upfront cost for these cards as it links direct to a nominated bank account and only charges upon use. Or alternatively contact Truro NCP carpark Manager, Mike Pezzarini for parking needs.