Truro BID

Offers and services for staff and colleagues of businesses within the Truro BID area

NCP Car Parking Offer

NCP are able to offer a reduced rate off parking with a 'Park Pass' to all businesses and employees in and around Truro. There are two tariffs set with the unique saver code, £3.00 per 5hrs and £4.70 per 24hrs. If interested you will need a unique saver code when applying online, which can be issued from Truro NCP office. 

Using the 'Park Pass' is speedier and hassle free with automated payments.

NCP also offer a Season Ticket which offers unlimited entries/exits and can be used 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

The season ticket prices are: -

Monthly - £82.00

Quarterly - £204.00

Annual - £739.00 

Businesses and employees can apply for the 'Park Pass' on the NCP website, there is no upfront cost for these cards as it links direct to a nominated bank account and only charges upon use. Or alternatively contact Truro NCP carpark Manager, Mike Pezzarini for parking needs.