Truro BID

Tyller A Nerth - Truro's Cultural Compact

Truro is leading the way for Cornwall by setting up their own Cultural Compact. This means we can build long and short term plans, a City wide event calendar, an official board for Culture and a vision for Truro beyond 2030. 

Truro's Cultural Compact has been named Tyller A Nerth - meaning ‘A Place of Energy’. Tyller A Nerth is:

  • an extra channel of connectivity in Truro to help communication and get more collaboration going and
  • a collection of local residents, organisations, venues, freelancers, support workers, local businesses, ambassadors, education centres and charities that have chosen to work together with Truro City Council and Cornwall Council to support the quality of life and cultural experiences of people in Truro. 

Truro BID is one of the partners in the Cultural Compact so we can: 

  • represent the views of the city centre businesses. 
  • work with the compact to see how some of our existing projects and events, which aim to increase footfall Truro, can be complemented by Tyller A Nerth activities. E.g., through working with Tyller A Nerth we were able to add stilt walkers from Pokya Entertainment to Truro's Great Little Festive City street entertainment programme that we organise.

You can find out more by downloading the Tyller A Nerth Document Making Culture the Heartbeat of Truro