Truro BID

About the BID

We aim to position Truro, the capital of Cornwall, as a leading destination for tourists, residents and business visitors to shop, eat, drink and enjoy by creating a safe, vibrant, well connected, well marketed and well presented great little city.

As with all British BIDs, we are a business led initiative supported by government legislation that gives businesses the power to raise funds locally to be spent locally on improving a defined commercial area (shown below). A BID is created when the majority of business ratepayers within that area vote to invest collectively in local improvements.

We first became operational in October 2007 and returned with another successful ‘yes’ ballot result for a second 5 year term in October 2012. Truro BID is in now in the first year of its fourth five-year term, which began on 1 October 2022. The BID represents circa 380 businesses and over the past 10 years has invested £3.4million into the City centre.

The BID is independent from local authorities and other statutory agencies and delivers projects over and above the baseline services provided by them. 

To find out about our main key achievements during our second term, which ran from October 2017 to September 2022, and more about the Truro BID renewal process during 2022, see below.