Truro BID

Truro BID is Renewed for its Fourth Term 2022-2027

Truro BID successfully renewed for a fourth term on the 1st of October 2022.  
Of those businesses who voted in the postal ballot, 85% voted yes to renewing Truro BID. As well as the 'yes' vote, Truro BID met the second test achieving 87% of the total rate able value of all the votes cast. The ballot results were higher than in the third term.  
Our renewal means that we can continue to to deliver our projects and services which include: 
  • Installing and funding the annual City Centre Christmas Lights and delivering many of Truro's Christmas events and activities, as well as the popular Children's Day event. 
  • Enhancing the shopping environment by installing and funding the annual colourful summer bunting, organising 'City Clean Up events and co-funding the city's annual floral hanging baskets which are delivered by Truro City Council. 
  • Supporting businesses who experience anti-social behavior and shoplifting via the Shopwatch scheme and DISC online reporting system, as well as funding selected extra security and police hours at peak times.
We can also now implement our new initiative to provide a safer environment and help tackle anti-social behaviour by employing an additional security resource throughout the year, via security staff or a dedicated police officer. 


Truro BID came to the end of its third term on 30th September 2022. 

Since 2007, Truro BID has successfully delivered projects and services that businesses have identified as priorities and has continued to do so throughout the pandemic, supporting the town through a challenging time for us all. For further information on what has been delivered see the Truro BID Achievements

Truro BID would like to thank all businesses and other partners in the City for the time and support they have given over the past five years which have enabled these initiatives to be successfully delivered.

In February, Truro BID consulted widely with circa 380 businesses in the City and with head offices addresses where appropriate. 54% of those businesses engaged in the consultation through relaying their feedback in person or by completing the fourth term questionnaire (view the Truro BID Renewal Consultation Document and Truro BID Renewal Survey).

Fourth Term Business Plan

Our fourth term business plan has been shaped by the views of our levy paying businesses. All eligible levy payers within the BID boundary were sent a hard copy or virtual copy of the Truro BID Fourth Term Business Plan during May 2022.

Truro BID will generate over £1.6m of funding over its fourth five-year term and additional contributions from statutory partners, stakeholders, grant funders and other sources will boost the investment that Truro BID can utilise to support its levy payers.

Ballot Details

The notice of ballot was issued on 23rd May 2022 and ballot papers was sent out on 6th June 2022 for the 28-day postal ballot. All votes were received by Cornwall Council on or before Thursday 7th July 2022 at 5pm. The person entitled to vote may appoint someone else to vote on his or her behalf (a proxy). An application can be made by downloading the proxy form.

Thank you to businesses who were minded to to vote YES to Truro BID continuing for a fourth term. This will support businesses to work together to ensure our town remains vibrant, well connected and well presented, and enable us to introduce a security resource to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

If you do have any questions about the BID email us on or call Alun on 01872 273999 or 07835 310886. Thank you for your contribution and for being part of an exciting future for Truro.

Renewal Timeline

December 2021
Early survey of a cross section of levy payers to help inform our wider consultation

February 2022
Consultation document sent to approximately 380 levy paying businesses

March to April 2022
Consultation results analysed and business plan written and designed for the fourth term of Truro BID

April 2022
Formal letter to Cornwall Council to hold ballot

May 2022
Business plan available to all levy payers and notice of ballot published

June 2022
Ballot papers sent out on or around Monday 6th June 2022 signifying the start of the 28-day postal ballot

July 2022
Close of ballot on Thursday 7th July 2022 at 5pm with result notified on Friday 8th July 2022

1st October 2022
The fourth term of Truro BID began

Services provided by statutory organisations

As detailed on page 21 of the Truro BID Fourth Term Business Plan, services provided by statutory organisations within Truro that have a correlation to the projects that the BID will deliver have been documented and can be seen below. The purpose of this is to ensure that Truro BID is adding value to current service provision and supporting businesses rather than replacing or duplicating existing services.