Truro BID

The Magic Tenner

We brought the Totally Locally Fiver Fest to Truro in June 2021 where over 50 businesses took part with over 70 different £5 offers across entertainment, health & beauty, shopping and food and drink.
Following Fiver Fest we brought Totally Locally's national event the Magic Tenner to the city which took place for two weeks during October 2023. To encourage customers onto the high street, and to give a boost to the local economy, Truro had over forty £10 deals across nearly 30 of the city's independent businesses . 
The Magic Tenner, isn't isn't an inflationary Fiver Fest. It is about about highlighting all the associated suppliers and other independent companies that are supported when money is spent locally... which turns a £10 spend into £50...magic!
If generating £50 from £10 seems a bit far-fetched, it’s because most local indie businesses choose to spend their money in lots of other local businesses, so the money goes round and around your town’s economy. One of the participating Truro businesses supported or worked with 146 businesses, showing that spending with them means a huge impact for our city, compared to spending online.
For more details see the Magic Tenner webpage: