Truro BID

Truro Rangers - security for the city

As well as organising events, we provide services for Truro and Truro’s businesses. Since April 2023 we have provided the city with a security resource.
We have been working with our current provider since October 2023, and now call this resource the Truro Rangers. The team who wear red utility vests provide 55 hours of foot patrols a week. They are a highly visible deterrent against low level crime and violence against shop workers. They are now wearing body worn video cameras to help in gathering evidence to support potential prosecutions.
The Truro Rangers, who have been working well alongside Truro's businesses, and Truro’s anti-social behaviour officer (Stephen Lennon) will soon have Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) powers so can stop individuals and take down names and addresses. We help to fund the Truro Anti-Social Behaviour Officers post, alongside Truro City Council and Cornwall Council. 

As well as the Truro Rangers we have provided the city with an online reporting system called DISC, which also reports to the police.